3. Recycled PVB

Recycled PVB

What is Recycled PVB?

Recycled PVB stands for Polyvinyl Butyral, a polymeric material with three different functional groups.

Why do we use Recycled PVB?

Its unique structure provides versatility for wide applications including pelletes, adhesives, treatment agents, coating resins, and it is the best alternative to PVC.

Where is our Recycled PVB material from?

By the processes of separation, purification, and modification, recycled PVB could be converted into finished materials. And then through further manufacturing, various soft films, coated yarns, and foaming materials are made.

Using recycled PVB reduces the carbon footprint of the precoat by 80% compared to traditional latex. All standard microtuft carpet tiles are now produced with the recycled PVB precoat, reducing the environmental impact significantly.

Our source of supply is China based and therefore all materials are traceable and duly certified.

At Rivta, this is how the scrapped cars are transformed into our brand-new bags:

Certificates & Color swatches:

Please contact us if you need the corresponding certificates and color swatches.

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