3. Recycled Nylon

Recycled Nylon

What is Recycled Nylon?

Recycled Nylon is an alternative to nylon made from waste products. Normally, nylon has a significantly detrimental environmental impact, but the creators of this material seek to help reduce the effects of this fabric on the environment by using recycled base materials.

Why do we use Recycled Nylon?

Since recycled nylon is chemically identical to nylon 6, it has all the attributes of normal nylon fabric. This fiber is stretchy when woven, relatively tough, and easy to weave into tightly-knit garments and industrial textiles.

Recycling nylon is still more expensive than new nylon, but it has many environmental advantages. A lot of research is currently being conducted to improve the quality and reduce the costs of the recycling process.

Where is our Recycled Nylon material from?

Made from waste, it's infinitely recyclable and can unleash infinite possibilities for makers, creators and consumers, which makes the world a better place by pioneering closed loop regeneration processes and delivering sustainable products.

A large part of the recycled nylon produced comes from old fishing nets. This is a great solution to divert garbage from the ocean. It also comes from nylon carpets, tights, etc.

Our source of supply is China based and therefore all materials are traceable and duly certified.

At Rivta, this is how the nylon wastes are transformed into our brand-new bags:

Certificates & Color swatches:

Please contact us if you need the corresponding certificates and color swatches.

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