3. Pineapple Fiber

Pineapple Fiber

What is Pineapple Fiber?

Pineapple fiber is a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty free material. It was developed for use as a sustainable alternative to both mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials, offering a better choice for a better future.

Why do we use Pineapple Fiber?

The use of pineapple leaf fibre, an agricultural waste product, provides the opportunity to build a scalable commercial industry for developing farming communities, with minimal environmental impact.

The pineapple leaves are a by-product from existing pineapple harvest, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce.

Where is our Pineapple Fiber material from?

Is made from waste leaves of the pineapple plant. The leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, and their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities.

Our source of supply is China based and therefore all materials are traceable and duly certified.

At Rivta, this is how the pineapple plants are transformed into our brand-new bags:

Certificates & Color swatches:

Please contact us if you need the corresponding certificates and color swatches.

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