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Thank you for your ideas and advice. I really appreciate you teaching me about all of these things. We are grateful for our partnership and we really promise that this year and next year will be very very successful!

Catherine, Cosmetic Brand, UK

We love working with you and can see your quality is very good, we will have many future jobs to work together.

Louise, Cosmetic Brand, USA

Have a great weekend and I’m sure we will need to order again this year at the rate we are selling with these beautiful bags. The Bay bag sales have gone up a lot since moving into this bag.

Amanda, Cosmetic Brand, USA

Ok, thank you for the update. I trust that we will continue to figure out efficient ways of working together because we really believe we could be your biggest client of 2020 and 2021. :-) Thank you!!

Tylan, Makeup Brand, USA

That would be so much appreciated if you could look into the delivery date for us! We love working with you and can see your quality is very good, we will have many future jobs to work together.

Anything you can do to make this happen for us and have it ready by the delivery date will not be forgotten and extremely appreciated. Thanks once again and look forward to the update and confirmation of delivery date.

Mia, Skincare Brand, Australia

We are satisfied with quality of the products and hope to continue working with you and making everything even better.

Louise, Cosmetic Brand, USA

I got your mass production at last weekend. I have never seen a product so beautifully produced. And the package is also the best. It's like a Japanese company. I will definitely order you next time. I really appreciate it.

Koji, Daily Essentials, Japan

素晴らしい対応でした。担当のは、とても気が利く人です。 彼女はとてもリカバリーしてくれました。 それから、パッケージもとても綺麗に梱包されていました。 まるで日本の会社が作った商品の様でした。 私は中国で何度もバッグを生産していますが、ここが一番です。 必ず次回もオーダーします。

Fumi, Jewellery, Japan

Thank you so much for the gift, it’s very nice – I love it. I also want to thank you for your great support and help. It was a pleasure to work with you. You gave us a great service, it couldn’t be better. I also hope to have more projects for you soon.

Laura, Cosmetic Brand, Switzerland